There is more talk about environmental protection, what are you curious about? How does this affect our daily lives? 

Protecting the environment means preserving the survival and future of humanity. When needed, the environment is our source of food and drinking water. Our source is oxygen. The climate allows us to survive. And biodiversity is a potential reservoir of medicines. Protecting the environment is therefore a matter of survival.

#1 For our food and water. 

The food that we eat and the water that we drink comes from nature, however, these pollution will end someday in our food: in the water we drink or in what we eat and these pollutants can cause us to develop illness or defects.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that nature produces adequate and healthy water and food. To do this, you need to avoid polluting the soil and the sea. Chemicals should not be thrown away without precautions and over diffusion of chemicals.

#2 For the air that we breathe. 

Air is absolutely essential to our survival. You cannot survive for more than a few minutes without breathing. Air brings oxygen and fuel from cells. 

However, when you breathe, you not only inhale oxygen, but also absorb many other things. Every time you breathe, you inhale the gas and particles in the atmosphere. Some of these gases and particles are harmful to our body. When we breathe, we absorb a little poison. Breathing endangers our health and makes us sick. Breathing only keeps us alive.

Therefore, we must be careful not to pollute the atmosphere and do not emit harmful gases or particles that are dangerous to life.

#3 To maintain the climate for living conditions

Our society has a lifestyle adapted to today’s climate. When the climate changes, our society will not adapt to it. Some areas will suffer serious turmoil. In some parts of the world, these cataclysms, such as rising water levels, droughts, repeated floods, and heavy storms, drive people away or destroy them. People need to move and change their lifestyles. Conflicts arise in order to live in an intact area.

Crops and animals will change as the climate changes. Certain plants will no longer be suitable. Local agriculture will be affected. Pests will spread to new areas, spreading human, plant and animal diseases.

We are already beginning to see that the Earth’s global temperature is increasing. And this change is extremely fast. Nature won’t have time to adjust. The current balance will be upset.

We should therefore reduce our impact on the climate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Because our emissions emphasize the impact of global warming, which contributes to global warming. This includes ensuring that we reduce our energy use.

Preventing the climate from deteriorating is to maintain the fragile balance of the earth and thus the future of mankind.

#4 For the preservation of biodiversity necessary to live

Biodiversity is the diversity of flora and fauna in nature, all of which must be respected and preserved, for the sole reason they are the creation of God, like humans.

Plants and animals can help our health, because it is among the wild, sometimes unknown, species that one finds or will yet receive.

It is these wild animals that can also help our agriculture.

Nature is the source of future discoveries and solutions to our problems. It is suicidal to destroy all of this before we can benefit from it. We must prevent the destruction of natural spaces. About future solutions to our problems. That is to preserve the future of humanity.

#5 For the survival of the Homo Sapiens

You need to know and make everyone aware of the importance of protecting the environment. Protecting the environment means protecting humanity and allowing it to survive. Man does not live alone and isolate himself.

Living in a city surrounded by technology is easy to forget, but when it damages the environment, it immediately reminds us of our dependence on the environment. Protecting the environment is essential to ensure the survival and future of humankind. Today.

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