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About Us

What makes us push forward?

Our world today is experiencing a lot of environmental issues. Climate change, vanishing rainforests, dying coral reefs and polluted oceans among others.

If we continue to be deaf, mute and blind to these issues then we may never be able to wake up one day because we are already gone.

We only have one planet and when this planet dies we will go with it. We should act now before its too late.

Even in our own personal way, we will be able to reduce the pollution and devastation that we bring to our environment.

Let’s start acting now.

Our Dedicated Team


Bailey Hammond

I did not really have any concept about caring for the environment before. However, my travels and adventures had opened my eyes to the need to care for Mother Nature or else all these beauty we call our planet will forever be lost.

Maddison Forster

Being young and carefree, I did not pay much attention about this cause to protect and preserve our planet Earth. Gradually I was able to understand that protecting the environment means survival for the rest of the human species.

Flordelis Bonenfant

Having seen and experienced beforehand how devastating the effect of pollution is on our oceans, I made a promise to myself to share this bad news to people. Our planet needs our help and we must act now before it's too late.