How Can We Protect The Environment By Doing An Eco-friendly Household?

Today, more than ever, environmental protection has become a very important issue in our society. Indeed, in all areas, we cannot talk about the environment without mentioning pollution or global warming and all the small gestures that, although they seem innocuous, have an irreversible impact on the earth. In the field of cleaning, cleaning products can pose a real danger to the planet, although, paradoxically, they are made to clean up. In order to minimize your footprint on the environment, we show you in this article the secrets of an ecological household.

What is the eco-friendly household?

In order to achieve unparalleled cleanliness, we are always looking for the most effective cleaning products, except that we do not know their impact on our health and our environment. Indeed, most of these products contain chemical and toxic elements that can harm our planet, which is a good reason to switch to the ecological household because it represents a healthy alternative that requires the use of environmentally friendly household products while ensuring hygiene as effective as that obtained with chemicals. In fact, nowadays, it has become easy to make this choice because we find more and more in the shelves of our supermarkets cleaning products friendly to nature.

How to adopt the eco-friendly household?

There are many things you can do at home to make a contribution to protecting the environment.

Prefer a wash at 30°C

Washing at this temperature allows you, in addition to having a clean cloth, to save energy and in your wallet, you will be able to protect the planet by helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

Avoid pre-washing

Always with a view to saving the environment and your wallet, when you have laundry, make sure your washing machine is full and remember to avoid pressing all those nice buttons that consume a lot of energy such as pre-washing or intensive washing and opt instead for an eco wash. In this way, you will have saved water and electricity.

Make sure you choose the right cleaning products

Choosing your household products is another small gesture that will allow you to leave your ecological footprint in nature. It is essential to pay attention to the labelling of cleaning products in order to avoid those containing chemical or toxic ingredients and to opt for those that are composed of natural elements. Choose products which are plant and mineral based and above all 100% biodegradable.

Other recommendations for a green planet

In addition to all these eco-friendly gestures, others are added to the list. For example, to clean surfaces such as mirrors or windows, consider using microfiber cloths over sponges; you can also switch to the old grandmother’s method of using your old newspaper or cotton t-shirt that you’re having trouble separating from. 

In order to limit your water consumption and avoid waste, be straddling the use of buckets with the right amount of water when rinsing mop and rags.

Promoting recycling

As we all know, waste is the number one enemy on the planet and to preserve it, we need to produce less of it while also using plastic bags and non-recyclable packaging, for example, while promoting products with paper or glass packaging. But above all, we have to think about sorting waste and recycling it, so we can move on to recovering the packaging of our household products and turn them into decorative objects. As you may have guessed, there is no shortage of ideas to give your packaging a second life. 

Finally, you will notice that there is no simpler thing than these small, caring gestures that work in favour of the environment. By opting for green cleaning, you also opt for sustainable development and the preservation of our planet for future generations who will certainly adopt in their turn these healthy habits that have been instilled in them from an early age.

Everything You Need To Know About Green Energy

Protecting your planet is an issue that engages producers, suppliers and consumers. Eco-responsible alternatives that do not change domestic comfort in any way, green energy is considered the most advantageous solutions. But what are they and what are the advantages of choosing them?

Here are some things to give you the information you need to choose your green energy.

What are the different types of green energy?

Fossil fuels have long been the main sources of energy exploited. These include oil, natural gas and coal. However, their availability is limited and the processing process is detrimental to the environment.

Renewable or green energy therefore opposes this. As the name suggests, they come from renewable sources. In other words, the availability of the sources in question is not limited.

Solar Energy

First there is solar or photovoltaic energy. The sun’s radiation is then transformed into heat, which will then be converted into electricity.

Wind Energy

Then comes the wind turbine, which transforms the strength of the wind to provide a sufficient amount of electricity.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy exploits the heat naturally present in the soil. Drilling at a depth of 30 km can be found in a heat that easily reaches 1000oC, a natural and inexhaustible source for electrical production.

Green Electricity

Green electricity can also be produced in hydropower plants. This means that water is the source used: river, river, sea, producers have powerful facilities to take advantage of hydraulic currents and ensure that they are converted into domestic electricity.


Biomass is based on the processing of organic waste such as food waste, manure, wood and its derivatives… to generate green gas or renewable electricity.

Each supplier generally specifies the process used to produce renewable energy that it offers to consumers.

Why choose this type of energy for your home?

Green energy is safe in the sense that it comes from a source available in unlimited quantities. Its consumption also contributes to stabilization both in terms of climate and economics. It limits greenhouse gas emissions and generates jobs for local production.

On the other hand, the emission of waste is almost nil. In fact, waste from the exploitation of renewable energy sources is generally recyclable.

You are free to switch to a clean electricity or gas contract at any time. The transition does not involve any cuts or changes in the quality of energy provided. On the other hand, you can use your home appliances more serenely knowing that your daily activities will have little or no negative impact on the planet.

The decision to choose renewable energy is therefore mainly motivated by awareness.

Green energy is on the rise and, for good reason, allows everyone to take part in the energy transition in order to protect the environment.

Gas, electricity or both, you can always find out about the origin of your energy upstream. In selecting your supplier, ensure that they are compliant with the environmental protection program of your respective area. Remember, your choice today always has an impact on tomorrow’s situation.